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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Passage of Time

Time has changed much; it is no more majestic, at least to the eyes of the souls who live today.  Ancient sands do not rule anymore. But trapped and buried in the memories of mind, locked in the sacred portals of heart. Walking in the well maintained avenues, it reminds me of the days spent in the countries far away, where in every dark, shaded nook there existed the spelled entrances. The entrances were the doorways to some other world. Accidentally the chosen one would slip in or just be sucked into the aperture and transported into a strange new world. Every fall was assigned to lead to one task which shaped the entire destiny of the one pulled into it.
Destiny! It was unique in extraordinary ways which would demand courage, wisdom, patience and morality. Today the path of life is lost in the illusions of so many distractions that thrive on the face of earth. Truth was a power then, and it is still now; only if humans recognize its worth. Courage was the gem, no more regarded now; wisdom was the crown, lost in the realms of times; patience, a bracelet worn on wrists, but does not seem to exist now; and morality, an asset to swear by, but now turned into immorality. The worlds are divided now by the fine threads of vibrations; it’s always been about energy.
Never anything else...
Elves, salamanders, mermaids, sylphs and other elementals of nature were usual sight. Dragons were the carriers, lightening as the sword. Wars would take place amid the horrors of fire, air, water and earth. The times were truly magical, not to mention miracles were the thing of daily phenomenon. Those were the times before when the worlds were demarcated and after when nature hid her true self. What’s left now is mirror covered with layers of dust and thick sheets of illusions.