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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lovingly letting go

We love some people but not all of them reciprocate the feeling. It would not be fair if we start convincing them of our worth or devise ways to manipulate them in our favor. May be time has not come yet that our worth be revealed. Or may be those very people could not love you back the way you do; may be the loving capacity is limited and conditional. Or yet may be those people do not deserve you and as such it is time to move on and be with them who value you for what you are.

Opening the channels of my heart, having no clue,
I feel and flow my love to you;
Profound and sweet, I promise it is,
With depths unknowable, ineffable the emotion is.
Not wounded to see it coming back;
Neither I wait for it; just filling up the lack.
Only if you could peel off the layers of doubt,
In the peripheral you’d see the goblets, you always sought.
Filled with divine love and beauty, they wait to be lifted.
Just one look and a touch, and thy soul will be shifted.
All the norms and thoughts beheld once before in life,
Be far ‘nd away, vanished along with fears ‘nd doubts which were rife.
If not yet – perhaps not ever – if not yet – perhaps not ever!
And you shall recall what I’d say, when I am begone out of your sight.
Carrying my worth; dignified conduct; I shall bid adieu in a way right.
If not yet – perhaps not ever – if not yet – perhaps not ever!!!
Loving the self and the other should be equal; if it isn't in balance, it’s time you do some more, love more... If it still isn't equal, it should be given wings and let go...

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