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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Loving the Pain!

The world is not black and white;
‘tis the quintessential wavering shades of gray.
This unbearable pain is not wrong or right;
‘tis my maker’s only redeeming way.
Though I say- unacceptable; but ‘tis inevitable;
When I confront, my maker tells- ‘tis just more affable.
Agree I, Accept I, surrender I and drink the tears;
Swallow the pain, shot at me by my dears.
So easy to comprehend; so simple to misunderstand;
So painful to be misunderstood; so rueful for the one to mend.
It takes the mind and just the senses to see the weak;
It takes the heart and beyond the senses to see worth of the meek.
Pain is beautiful, but painful; maker says- ‘tis fickle too.
Happiness is marvellous, but scandalous; I complain- ‘tis transitory;
I rue to maker- Why then its wings fly it off leaving no clue?
He confides- it doesn’t, it juxt goes to carry pain to cemetery!!!