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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Look At Past

Turn Around,
And look through your pain;
Cast it a gaze devoid of any disdain.
You must have had shed a few tears;
Re-count them all while letting in all your fears.
Look at those simmering endless worries,
That are vapouring out of old drearies.
Wait! Think upon each of the issues that nag at you;
Ponder at the fears that leave you with no clue.
Let you take time, howsoever long it get;
Climb each step that no retreating in your mind is left.
Shed off old clothes that pocket your worries your fears;
Leave old-Embrace new; as say those seers.
What you feared has already had taken place;
'tis the road ahead now, to which you're to make pace.
Forgive - Forget 'nd let it all go;
'tis meant to go, what's not planned with you in row.
Let the in-dwelling hatred melt away;
Allow the bitterness to wave at full sway.
Let the wound spread all over you;
Let it immerse you in sea of pain in-course due.
As you walk through darkest of existence and worst of pain;
Nadir will come in terms of misery making your life a bane.
Hold on the courage and grasp the faith- just walk
'nd walk through this dark phase;
As you trot breathing in the hope, there cometh the light
'nd with it the maze.
Choice will be bestowed, with options- good and bad, right and wrong.
Listen to your heart on this labyrinth, for what you call for will surely come to you in throng.

be sure almost what you wish for
be pure always what you think about
-for you never know what 'nd when Universe abounds you...
with your THAT wish 'nd THAT thought..."