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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wonderful Sojourner!

Fleeting memory as it is; I saw him on journey towards me;
Hath vision dawned then- Call it a teacher, disciple, a soul- ‘tis an accompanying key.
A human with graceful walk, evoking a silent entry;
A human with shy tweaking of lips, hinting an unruly symmetry.
Glances pique! Acceptance of an unintended invitation played on at dart;
Hell let loose! The sojourner was tagged, a friend dearer to heart.
We walk, We talk, We chime in so well;
‘nd still he ponders on topics at-heart that dwell.
Eyes with looks in Bewilder – Mouth with tongue on Stumble;
Head with brain in Wander – or ‘tis in maze a nymph or Salamander!
O’ Just A Wonderful Sojourner...