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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Call of the Wild!

FOREWORD:  Venture warily!!!

Can u avoid such tantalizing a lure,
oozing  outta eyes with guise so demure?
Can u stop ur feet from pacing forward,
when da call o'wild beckons u lurk onward?
Can u loosen the grip so firm
when gaze o'hm falleth o' so umber a rim?
Niver hath u wilt see ,
in a world swarming with bee!
Immortality throbbing within mortality,
aye! canst be seen by soul bearing  nary an eligibility!
Thou must tread the bridge ,
woven wid words colored o'beige!


Broad russet frame as if shaped upon Franklin stove…
Tanned square face as if excessively blessed by solar deity…
Bronze tapering hands as if cradling the whole humanity…
Tawny distinctive countenance as if destined to entice the entire femininity…
Is it the human, I’m talking about,
or a fantasy I’m weaving around,
a knight in shining armour,
or a demi-God emanating fervent ardour???
'tis an adage, “eyes- they say it all”, but it's so bewildering with them to figure out, when they are looking at you and when they are looking through you. Never hath I seen eyes that are strikingly black an instant, then turning to melting hazel another instant.

They strike on iron, they beat on bronze!
They sing on hogshead, they dance on cadence!
Their chortle blooms, their cry bellows!
They love irrevocably, they hate impassionedly!

Ancientness, a distant gaze, a far-off call of wild in those eyes is unparalleled. That queer stillness in the pupils is uncommon in human race.A strange tranquillity, a mute lull, an odd serenity linger in those sockets, existence of immortality throbbing within the mortality.
As you come across the Greek fellow, you can not evade those strikingly eyeballs with poignant glances that cuts through you, reaching to the farthest castles of your heart, uncloaking all veils and clutching out the sassiest of your desires, vilest of your wants, deepest of your secrets and filthiest of your intentions. Holloa! here applies two admonitions- think before you say! and think before you think!.
So, you might think here, black is threatening and watchful, while brown is preoccupied, mushy-slushy. Nay!!! Don’t those auburn looks arise in you a certain affectionate, nostalgic feel and make you lost in thy land? Well then, behold! When these hazel eyes get hitched with husky voice, understand then, you're gonna be a ninny hammer at the conjurer's hands. Feel the shrivel running down your spine and along where not to, when the sweetened croaking hoarse utterances slip out of the raspberry folds as if they were challenging you avoid falling victim to delectable lip-smacking. Hmmmm....ahhh!!!, how would you be able not to do dreaming for a saucy lip-lap?
Implant your feet on the plain, fasten your hands on thy frame, for you are standing in the bronze world amidst the bewitching spells, mind boggling invocations and spiralling incantations- a sin so sweet committed by a compelling duo, eyes & voice!

Make ‘em Mine!

She cried impassionedly, when the territory was encroached. Her woe was beyond description, when bond was violated. What her lips couldn’t utter, spoke it all her deep set eyes:- Rosy
They dine they taken,
I want 'em only mine.
'tis the one thing for clings my chime,
How poor a raven!
I want you do,
assert I, then remind I hate.
Won't it work as perfect a bait?
Shrug here I, no clue!
Let's take it as done,
brought if I, a shade,
as if gloom pervade?
So it makes me shun!
A savour I delight,
an appeal not so slight,
that holds my gaze,
and spins in maze...!

Make 'em Mine!