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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time Warp

We love to aggregte things that make us happy, bring us smiles, incite us burst into chortles and remind us the sweet memories of life. Why don't we secure then those memories, which made us cry, break into sobs, fall into gloom, take wrong decision and get pervert. Well, I made a resolution to accumulate such things, good & bad both; good for making me feel good and bad for causing me stumble, commit mistake and then learn from them.
Nay, say it not a back-stabber,for it didn't stab me at back. It was front, straightforth and before-my-eyes action- A front stabber or rather call a 'heart-stabber'. Trust is hard to put & easy to break. Harder is when you get to know about the breakage from someone else than someone who was supposed to tell. Breach of trust is hard to swallow, accepted! But the sight you beheld is just an illusion,a veil upon reality, how it can be swallowed; even if swallowed, how it'll be digested. You are bound to spit it out,or if said more appropriately,lash it out at the doer. Since it happened: Breach of the peace- Breach of trust- Breach of faith. Now, from the time you came to know it, absorbed it, tried to collect yourself to believe it, contemplated on it, veered the direction of your action, till the time, you finally geared into action; there exists a suspension. A statical situation when each thought stirred in your mind keeps lingering there, when while walking people going past you seem like mere statues stuck on ground, and even when your eyes refuse to blink; it is called- "Time Warp". When you start stinking, the world and every movement around you start to take fix positions deep in ground. Layer upon layer of thoughts..a hard core stratification!

Forgetting breach of anything and letting go of tumult of your whole belief system, takes a whole great deal of effort..
I wish I could find a way out...