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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Healing With Elementals

Heal O' heal, O' life you heal
Wounds left by time, errors committed by lives

O' air, I fly to you, 'nd bring the Ariel along
You come, O' Sylph, beautiful of all beings
'nd the cherubs inflating the bright wings
Fan away the anger; blow out the hurt
From the sore, which feeds the fire burning in shore

I hearld you O' Gnome, rotund of all fiends
Come O' Dwarfs, Goblins 'nd Elves
Pygmies please come out of bogs
Sprinkle the mineral, splatter the salt
Crystallize the sore fanned by air

I plunge in water 'nd signal the Undines
Resting on base donning sea colored garbs
I come on surface, 'nd Mermaids are borne
Water down the burn that simmers at periphery
Condense the pain that suspends like slurry

I see for fiery, but tiny balls of fire
I summon, O' Salamander across heat, fire 'nd flame
Cantankerous you beast balling across the sun
Hibernate the ties, swish out the residue
Wipe out the rot, transform the beast

Erupting energy from points 'nd meridians
Elementals heal 'nd work just as Shamans
Sylphs, Gnomes, Undines and Salamanders
They all heal 'nd revamp with no blunders

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