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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Powerful Vulnerability

They say, I’m mad;
I say, that makes me glad!
They say, I may seem not normal;
I say, that’s what makes me adorable!

Some say, you hold not value;
I say, that’s true, I’m invaluable in lieu!
A lot say, I make them crazy;
I say, you’ve already been mazy!

Some say, I’m not true but just plainly fake;
I say, that’s what you mirror in me, a calm lake!
They say, I’m a big emotional;
I say, may be that’s just notional!

A lot say, I’m way too vulnerable;
I say, well! ‘tis just a part of me, variable!
Some say, I’m a creature too selfish;
I say, yeah! I’m also beyond hellish!

They say, being vulnerable I’m weak;
I say, I’d rather, a sheath way ward bleak!

A grace lies in bending, a grace so meek;
It’s as to say, a python slouching to meet,
Once the earth so as to erupt in full storm;
A cauldron in human world that follows no norm.

Akin to grace, holds meek, the vulnerability,
Which humans say, holds no capability!
Adams naive, yet unawares of latent slash,
With no voice, it calls for an inner bubbling mishmash!

Being vulnerable, an asset, ‘tis so profound;
Irascible it be, so is pacified; ‘nd vanquishable, turns the mound,
 O’ fiends. Ah! Feeble; ‘tis naught brittle, nor nonchalance.
Yay, powerful vulnerability, ‘tis the real Benevolence!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Loving the Pain!

The world is not black and white;
‘tis the quintessential wavering shades of gray.
This unbearable pain is not wrong or right;
‘tis my maker’s only redeeming way.
Though I say- unacceptable; but ‘tis inevitable;
When I confront, my maker tells- ‘tis just more affable.
Agree I, Accept I, surrender I and drink the tears;
Swallow the pain, shot at me by my dears.
So easy to comprehend; so simple to misunderstand;
So painful to be misunderstood; so rueful for the one to mend.
It takes the mind and just the senses to see the weak;
It takes the heart and beyond the senses to see worth of the meek.
Pain is beautiful, but painful; maker says- ‘tis fickle too.
Happiness is marvellous, but scandalous; I complain- ‘tis transitory;
I rue to maker- Why then its wings fly it off leaving no clue?
He confides- it doesn’t, it juxt goes to carry pain to cemetery!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Rugged as the path is, determined I am to walk on it.
Tried ‘nd tested, the methods are there. Pewit!
Ain’t I trying them ever? Nay! Naught! They wear;
So long ‘tis been unlike ‘tis you I revere!
As many times my doubt in you has appeared;
That many times has invigorated my faith in you.
There at times turned it out quite to be hopeless;
Those very times has twinkled the hope coming cue!
Holloa! Oh flier, never hath I seen ripeness in such younger years;
Ah! May it be, it stay in thy soul until the stained cloud clears.
Route whtaya be, I stand for acceptance for reverence is there;
I’m holding on route flowing thy rhythm, ‘nd so ‘tis the feet to be cast on mere.
What I dread the most is the subtlest is the shred. May it not be; rugged my terrain, smooth thy cast;
Trot me, thou walk ‘nd unblinking my eyes as meadowlark for to watch you De-Tour at the last...