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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Walk With Nature

Nature's glow
It's about time I spent some moments with me. A 9 to 5 job, family, friends, trivial domestic matters and petty tensions leave me no time to peep inside and share a few quiet and intimate moments with myself, my soul. One Sunday, I thought of hearing myself and spend some deep moments with me alone. In want of some lonesome bits, I evaded the life of society, and jumped out of the social circle to enter in the nature's abyss.  As the capital is surging in urbanization and erosion of greenery for the sake of so-called developments, it was hard enough to find a place where I could solace myself with nature. After long time search finally I succeeded in locating a huge park which features abundance of greenery. It was really a hard found discovery for me.
In a place little far from mine, it's a very large park fully clad with succulent grass fields stretched over long yards and lush trees laden with fragrant flowers and juicy fruits. So conspicuous, I found myself in awe of the beauty of this park which was like a sight for eyes. As I walked through the park, I got more and more enchanted by the grace and splendor of the place which seemed a paradise on earth. There is a cemented path that runs zigzag throughout the entire ground. Trees stand parallel on both the sides of path conjointly slanting towards each other. With their branches entwining each other and scaling downwards, they make beautiful arches that give the look of a natural subway. In the lower level, there are dense clumps of shrubs interwoven within each other as if some entails of an invisible demon resting besides the concrete way.
In the morning, the park brims with birds of different species merrying around chirping loud and tinkling notes. As the sun rises, sunlight pierces through the entangled boughs and leaves and bounces strikingly on the path making it all enlightened. Morning breeze leaves the dewy meadows all flourishing and a light fragrance flows throughout the park. Similarly, at night, when the moon in sky is in full blooms and stars are sprinkled all over around the moon, moonlight falls through the bugs and lits the place which basks in its pale white glory. But, much more than sunrise and sunset, I love the dusk when sun touches the horizon and is about to go down. Dusk is when the rays of sun make this place glow with yellowish orange shade; trees and bushes take over the sheet of gold. The meadows appear to be country side fields scattered over long distances ready to get harvested. Cows with an ardent wish for grazing on those grassy meadows roam around the fence guarding the Evergreen Park.
-All this for but one moment of glory!
I remember how William Wordsworth had compared the beauty and peace of nature with that of London in its dawn while traveling over Westminster's Bridge. But I could never place urban beauty on par with that of nature.
I visited the park thrice so as to capture its paradisiacal beauty during all the three intervals of day- sunrise, dusk & sunset- one interval each day. I knew I would hardly get time later to revisit this place, so I toured round the park, meticulously analyzing and capturing the beauty and grace of nature. As I trotted the path sheltered by dense bushy trees, glowing with celestial majesty, it seemed to be touching my soul. The arch above and meadows below, with trees like embracing nature's arms made me felt never-felt-before love and care and an overwhelming peace. Wrapping myself up with the warmth of nature's endearments, I contemplated the problems which had lately become an impasse in my life. Amazingly, in those three visits, the walk with nature proved very beneficial to me for as much as I got the keys to the very deadlock puzzles of my life. Truly said the great Poet of nature, William Wordsworth that nature is the mother of humanity, a great nourisher and healer of soul.
I'm thankful to God since he made the human mind imprintable and retrievable. I was aware I might not get the same spectacular sight again and again. And so, I had in those walks with nature, imprinted the very beauty and grandeur of nature to which I still often recall and visit in my memories...


Anonymous said...

Your imagination iz really on the high of end...amazing...& no words.

Abbelina said...

Thanks a lot... yeah! u cud say dt, real joy comes up when u blend beauty with ur fertile imagination... Overwhelming....