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Monday, December 5, 2011

Puerile Mess

'tis difficult with you, 'tis impossible without you.
But, 'tis an ease to unravel before you!
Can say beyond friendship, can't see love in grip.
But, I would - A blend in rip!
Chemistry is innate, bond so insensate.
Naught be it, passion gravitate!
Glance, a perplex, makes emotions go wax.
'twill be no more, o' my heart, be relax!
Emotions get twirl, feelings go whirl.
Thanks heaven, bodies ain't in curl!
Resign; tried I a-lot, everytime did, 'tcalled a-shot.
Resolve; heaven or hell, wilt I trot!
Hope I nary, since result can vary.
Hither I leave with, unsolved a query!!!

Emotional Ravings

Mind and heart were not on same road that's why intuition scrambled,
and so the first time we talked, I thought you just babbled.
It was gone in a flick of second,
since your talk was so blatant.
But, somehow words stayed on,
and my heart played on.
Might that be the reason, I'm here,
in for life, with you so near.
Promise has been done and there's no backing away,
words as engraved they are 'twill be like no emotions sway.
'twas hard to commit for a reason, unseen,
but, it became the very reason that kept me, nay, keen.
I'd never taste such a blend,
with no broken promises to mend.
Had you not been there, to hold me tight,
even though many a time, I wasn't so, right.
So. Here I say to you, 'thank you', for bearing,
me, my flickering moods and gale words, 'tmust have served you irrevocable tearing.
Though I see, on your part, don't expect any forwarding action,
as if I needed every bit of that fraction.
Wait, howsoever prolong it may get,
for I refuse to make my decision shed.
Ahh! It was just to remind you that oath,
am in for life, amazingly which I don't loathe.