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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tefillah - A Prayer

I hate being in trade. Do you hear?
I hate bargaining.. I hate replacement.. Do you know?
I don't like to be in arguments. I evade from upsetting others. Are you aware?
I am falling in love with pain and desolation. Hardships seem to cross over me. Do you have even an inkling of that?
I am diving in sea of tears. Nothingness is going to swallow me in or I am going to gorge nothingness. Are you informed?
It feels I can hear you, touch you, see you and feel you, but it doesn't seem real. Are you elusive?
I am not dreaming with eyes open. I am not touching with hands vacant. Then, why does it say, real?
They say I look lone and I walk alone. Why then I see the twain?
Tell me you are real, if you could speak!
Show me you are tangible, if you could touch!
'Xplain me u're not a dream, if you couldn't evade!
...and then,
I will believe with the utmost belief,
that you exist.
If...and only if...
You prove me a fere!