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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Love, I Beseech Thee!

Excerpted from my untitled novel, this, I post the final draft of one of the love letters written by Rose in regard to Lucky and composed by me. Names of the characters are sure to leave you in tizzy. I'm sure you'll get gender-confused.
My Love, I Beseech Thee!
Thou hast maketh me complete,
Such is thy love for me that makes me overwhelm.
Thou hast maketh me unassailable,
Such is thy faith in me that auguments my strength.
Thou hast maketh me delectable,
Such is thy mesmerism over me that enthrals my very soul.
Thou hast maketh me meritorious,
Such is thy merit that exceeds what I ought to deserve.
Thou hast maketh me majestic,
Such is thy devotion unto my love that transforms me all the more imperative.
Thou hast maketh me impassioned,
Such is thy eroticism that urges me delve in you deeper and deeper.
Thou dost hast nary an inkling of coveting thine man.
Aye, I shalt surrender thee, thine singularity that doth play naught, but charm and seduction unto me.
Thou appeal me Lady,
Prithee, wilt thou be my wife?
Shalt the mama o'my babies be thee??