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Saturday, November 26, 2011


 Throttling Morals or Veiled Allurements
Squelching Principles or Eluding Inducements
Smothering Conventions or One-off Baits
What eff you choose former? And what eff you choose latter? No-matter you choose any, you are bound to get collided to a tricky terrain or else a thorny turf...
It's hard when life comes up with a choice that's more and more baffling, which thwarts every attempt u make towards moulding it in ur own way and keeps on compelling u pick one & leave another. Yes, it's real hard.,almost unlooking-for, unbridled & unavoidable. Evenif u succeed in picking one and feel good and certain about it, the choice poses as an unassailable war thereby making u all the way more miserable.
Think about the sweet appealing 'things' that foil the very principles u regard very high and abide by in ur life, and now place both on a single platform and name the set 'choose one'. So, this is the deadlock life offers me every now and then, difference being variety in situations, circumstances and height of appeal. Those things that bring glimmer in ur eyes and appear to u as 'bliss', sometimes give the impression of 'bigger than life assets', which gradually poison ur mind and drug ur soul making u all the way more addicted to them. When intellect becomes hazy and it becomes staggering for u to take right shot upon right things, when the recklessness clings onto ur mind, and it sticks in the throat, when ur feet don't find the base to stay on and ur hands refuse to find anything strong to hold on, then stick out, on ur core values & beliefs, ur fim faith in just and hold an iron-grasp on ur life's principles that stand out for everything right.
Take ur time and let it stand, until the tide comes to its lowest ebb an finally stays onto stillness. Then think afresh, weigh both the options and search the longevity, don't forget to look for certainity and unless u find it, step out of the meddle and wait for some more time. Try on from different perspective to sort it out. But remember whatever glitters may not be gold, may not be gold and hence may not be right. Only when u become deadly sure about ur choice, tread upon the path. Evenif the journey appears hard and rugged, makes u tiresome and compels u to go back. DON'T!!! Keep going and u'll get ur way, while uncertainity, doubt, fear and mystery shall pass away...