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Thursday, November 24, 2011


 Imagine yourself in a phantasy island, where you landed more by accident than design; you have your every single tool of contemplation namely, 'foresightedness', 'premonition', 'conscious', 'subconscious', 'intuition' and a lot more. Lost in a delusion, you halt a mile away from a seemingly thug and ponder over your contemplation tools, all of which guide you to step forwards; you obey and walk towards the path paved by your guiding stars. By the near end of that path, you realize- you were wrong- you are devastated- you 7 your life spoiled. And yet you think, Revert or Forward!!!
It's hard to believe yourself when the decisions taken in one's conscious mind, firm heart and resolute soul prove utterly wrong. When the drive taken prove to be fatal... When the cause espoused appears partial... When the actions driven by instincts prove utterly unjustified... Then disbelief self..those blindly believed instincts seem mere illusions. Trust staggers in self's soul which even shakes up the bond shared with the higher force... The voice which calls out from deep within the heart appears to deceive..and life as whole stands out as mirage.
There has to be an end to this disillusionment!!!