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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna Hazare- A jerk on Corruption

With an ambition of making the system free from corruption, Anna Hazare, the new age crusader has proved to be a hurricane for the govt. Anna is being hailed as the reincarnation of Mahatama Gandhi, for his intentions, conducts and the prudence with which he is striking blow after blow on the govt. reflect the sagacity of a freedom fighter. It's ironical that being a free nation we are still fighting for freedom and struggling to free our land from the chains of corruption which has emasculated the country's governing system. The crusade undertaken by Anna has created a splutter in the country and brought a wave of public uproar against the depraved political system. Common citizens across the city and entire nation and even those living abroad have raised in solidarity with Anna for the good cause that is bound to bring a major upheavel that will twirl the political system in a somersault.
Anna & his supporters untiring efforts caused the proposal of Lokpal Bill get tabled in Parliament. The anti-corruption activists are fighting for the formation of a strong Lokpal Bill that would embrace strict laws to scrutinize the irregularities and conduct probes for erring officials. Lokpal movement initiated by Anna provided sort of grit to the opposition party which led to aspersions, impeachment & contemptuous debates among the political parties. Nonetheless, the veracious freedom fighter along with his team of supporters raised above all and kept the flame of political upheavel burning. No matter, Manmohan Singh formed a core group of his confidantes for concealed delebrations over how to handle Anna and his created uproar. Hazare with his tactful moves brought all their efforts to fail. His determination of uprooting the parasite of corruption from the country's governance system served as a driving force that triggered the nation into an all
pervasive anti-corruption movement. Clearly, the huge and an all-time increasing involvement of people for this novel cause reflects the repugnance exhisting in their hearts regarding this rotten political system.
The only thing needed is a leader, prudent, invincible and veracious who can lead the campaign and stay the land in the midst of the threatening storm- Rest we are with him. Nothing goes unnoticed by our eyes. What all happened during CWG, prior to that & after that is not oblivious to us. By the look of the so-called development works conducted by MCD, PWD and other pvt. contractors, we could contemplate where our paid tax goes. We're quite in know of the epic scams of our country & its diseased political system. Let's call it an ironical tragedy that no one in this huge system is able to keep in hold the important post of 'accountability'.
It's about time we executed our democratic rights inked in our constitution of this democratic country. As of now, since the struggled Lokpal Bill hasn't come into execution, that means the aim isn't being accomplished. Even on its application, our fight doesn't end there. It has to be kept on going till we filter the system of its perverse elements and cure the nation of its epidemic of corruption.