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Friday, July 22, 2011

Crime and Criminal

Dictionary defines crime as a wicked act or an offence objectionable under law. True! A crime is an activity that comes in conflict with law and deserves the doer to be punished. But the question is- Why it happens? What instigates a person to go on killing spree without caring the result? What incites him to act violently and commit wrong, to the extent of taking one's life?

In this period, we can see various instances of crime prevalent in society namely murder, dacoit, robbery, riot, kidnapping, rape, extortion, snatching, burglary, vehicle theft, counterfeit and many more. Usually many factors can be held accountable for these acts, intense among which are poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc. With this there are situational factors like revenge, envy, greed, infidelity, rivalry and deceit that work as ignition material for such cognizable deeds. These propellants create ill-will in the mind and nurture bad intent, which further strengthens the determination to harm the person at the other end by doing something that could even cost him his life.
Mother of all evils is anger. It is the anger that makes one blind, vanquishes reason and drives him or her act recklessly ending on something irreparably destructive. It induces a frame of mind, which is devoid of rationality and is targeted upon a sole aim- hurt. About more than half of these misdeeds are said to be performed at the spur of the moment and are the by-product of anger, while rest are pre-planned.
Often we blame on government's heedlessness or call for Police Department's laxity as the main causes for accumulation of crime in society. But, don't you think somewhere down the line, it is we, the people, who are responsible for such a spate of ill-will activities.
Even if in order to curb crime, government enacts its fully fledged anti-crime strategies across all sections of society and Police tightens patrolling and scrutiny over all the sensitive areas and applies fool-proof safety rules, it won't help much except a bit reduction in criminal activities and so has happened. With the collaborated efforts of government and Police Department and as depicted by the figures in the half yearly statistical report, a considerable percentage of crime has undergone a marginal decline. Tightened surveillance, new improvised rules and regulation, effective policies, result oriented strategies, immediate action following any complaint are some of the effective measures adopted by Police Department that paid dividends and helped suppressing the crime in Delhi city to a greater extent. But still, the capital is living under terror with theft, rape, robbery, snatching, fraud incidents being always rampant. Delhi, the capital of India is counted as the most unsafe city for women in the country. Not only at night but in the broad daylight too, women of Delhi are not safe but under the watchful eyes of perverts hidden under the garbs of goodness.

Most of us blame poverty, unemployment and illiteracy for the incessant crime rate in society. Reflecting upon the profiles of criminals, this speculation too shatters on ground as it’s not only poor, unemployed and unlettered who make the offence, but the rich, high earners and highly educated people who are fully involved in breaking law. Various instances are out there when the educated persons and the ones at good job earning 5-figures salaries in lure of earning large bucks in an easier and faster way have adopted illegal methods, which end on crimes like robbery, bankrupts, vehicle thefts, fudges and extortions. Similarly individuals from well-to-do families are found embroiled in offences which are otherwise said to be poor's right to do.
Moreover now not only adults but minors too are not backing from pressing upon the trigger. To much amazement of law keepers, more and more juveniles are getting caught doing cognizable activities. This unusual pattern unprecedented in crime world has nearly stupefied the Judges and Police officials. Not liable for jail terms, court Judges find it really tough to bring them to punishment since sending these minors to observation houses do not serve a lesson enough for them. Children, who have lost the sense of purpose and direction in life, succumb to unlawful activities and start dogging immoral ways. Such young defaulters need to be inculcated with life's essence, true meaning and essential values. And this responsibility of leading them on good path lies with adults.
Its 21st century and we as the modern generation are witnessing discoveries, growth and progress in manifolds. It’s an irony that like the many innovations and developments ongoing all around us, human with the creative bend of all around us, human with the creative bend of their minds have introduced numerous of innovatory ways of ending one's life and later of even disposing off the body. The government, Police and the military forces can't guard our land, unless and until we are ready to be its guard. If we the citizens are committed on breaking the laws of our country, then no legislative authority can promise to make it. Nothing can prevent us from flouting the rules, if we are not checked by our own moral values. If our rational is in deep sleep, then no preacher in this world can awaken us to consciousness. No leader could lead us to walk on good path, if we are bound to tread the bad way.
As much responsible is the governance system for the country's security as we, the citizens of this country. To bring order and peace in country, its citizens first need to imbibe order in them. To prevent any occurrence of crime, one need to suppress the very root causes of crime- anger and ill-will. Agitation invokes harbor of ill-will, which if not suppressed leads to law breaking activities. Therefore to avoid this situation, we need to control our streak of anger and bring an inner calm that has the power of pacifying the tide of anger and flow away its ill effects.

Start practicing today. Do meditation and learn controlling your anger. Cleanse your body and your mind off all the bad intents, wishes and thoughts. Bring calm within yourself and stay in peace, with violence at bay.

Time To Break Passivity

People say it’s tough to laugh if you are inured to’s impossible to walk after falling in’s hopeless to go to zenith when you have touched the nadir!!... Huh! Obsolete as they are..It’s high time you changed those assertions...
Few months of life seems over an age. Yes! It’s been an age, a long period of subjugation, a time suspended with failures and setbacks. Though a period of 3-4 months, it was an era of experiences that counted several downfalls; rip offs and plan crashing instances. With this there were moments when things came out of mist; thought transition took place, while one thing quashed another rose. Overall the time for me branded itself a coming-of-age moment, albeit longer than a moment. 

The most important thing for me in life is my career which is in lurch. Long back luck had smiled upon me and I got a stable job with a media company which was full of delights- desired work profile, doting seniors, lucrative package, posh location and what not. As longer it took me to settle there, the sooner it wiped off my life. For some reasons it was gone leaving me speechless and helpless. For some time I remorsed upon the loss, sometimes even thought of reversing the time-gear and catching hold of the opportunity which slipped off my hands like sand. It was not before too long that I realized- let bygones be bygones- and swallowed in the loss. Not a bit I was aware that the time yet to come is going to bring a tide of losses, breakdowns and failures which will at one moment even perish the peace of my mind and drag me to nadir. Perhaps bad luck had had decided to burst upon my stars and shatter me completely. And soon jinxes and cussedness befell on me blocking my life from every success and happiness. Added to failures and losses, there happened disappointments on the very assumptions that I had asserted on my whole life and with it came austerity against those beliefs. Yet to this moment, one thing was striking and that was my passivity- a quiet submission to destiny which as far showed only misfortune. All what happened to me was in sync with my persuasiveness. I hadn't the courage to raise my stooping shoulders, bring smile on face and contradict the destiny's play.

People say I've changed them. Yes! I believe, I've touched the lives and transformed them forever. I know, I've been a major impetus behind the transitions in several beings many of whom were strangers to me. In the life lived as far I've dragged many out of the reigns of utter darkness to enlightenment. And today I can't believe that my own destiny changed me and reverted the whole of my thought process. I stand here now all transformed, merged within myself, with happiness not felt ever and contentment never realized before. I feel a rebellious spirit inside of me ready to take flight, break away all bounds & ties, shatter the impasse and revolt against the evil luck.
This I say a hard won victory in my life since I came out unrivalled with a feel of triumph despite losing everything. Till this moment I'd always remained ready to get ended, destructed and butchered at the hands of the devil named as 'misfortune'. But now I pose up myself before it imperishable as I am from now and forever.

A challenge thrown in-face of evil luck, a game played and a coin tossed. Now, will it be a win or a loose, depends! But overall the fight with destiny would rather be fun, enjoyable enough to get me entertained!!