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Thursday, January 27, 2011


People demand repeatedly to know me, who I am, what lies in my heart and what my character is... So, performing the wish-fulfillment act, here I am outlining the blog section, speaking of me, my own character, my relations & my very own way of living... Well, it’s sort of tough to describe me! Myself! I don’t know much... I am profusely confused to brief my own persona.. 
But, however, here is the rundown of my personality-description:


To avoid any bewilderment, one needs symmetry in one's life. Applying the same aspect, I begin sysmetically -

Let us draw out an astrological chart first. I am 22 dated, October born, in the year 1988. Ay was Saturday, apprx 1245 hrs. So, following astro -rules: I adorn number 4 (numerology), controlled by Uranus (ruling planet), with descendant Libra. But, here is a confusion !! My birth astrological path holds Aquarius sun sign. Also, rather than Libran, I am much more Aquarian. So, if delved deeply, a complex and unique amalgamation, though not in equal proportions of Libran and Aquarian personalities


Now, with the astral configuration defined, let’s talk about nature.
I bear a complex nature, sometimes grave, at others cheerful. One moment, I am a damn serious person. While, in other, I am bubbly and funny, with happiness & excitement brimming out my heart. Oops! Don’t call me moody. Nay! It’s not the right term to use here. I enshrine an in-depth & innate nature, that enables me feel every happiness and sorrow, deep down the caves of my heart. Strong holder of intuition, though not an anticipator, I have gotten ability to feel what’s gonna being on the other side. Err! M not a heart piercer.. Neither m a mind-reader (like Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen of Twilight)... I hope u cud get me right..!


People say, a person can be judged by the relationships, he/she builds in the society. So, let’s begin with the same... 
Although neither a hoity-toity, nor a Richie-rich! I own the jewel of contentment on my own. I love, adore and just live with the relations wid people round me. I am fiercely loyal in my entire link -ups. (Here link-up means 'with-acquaintances', no BF Plz!) 
I tend to protect my family, friends, relatives & strangers, at times against adversity, crisis, criticism or any thing irrelevant or destructive. Yeh! U cud name it 'caring'. U say anything and I am there to understand u, get u support, and simultaneously shun u where u go wrong.
I am just 22, unmarried, not yet in ties. But, I couldn’t find anyone else, who would have seen the life and death so closely, like me. Life has given me the jolts! Bt, death has given the kiss!, that endearing touch has made me more close to life, much more than ever. I have been through the passage of dead, only to return to this world with a full, in-depth and oracular sensation, which made me feel every thing deep down the castles of my heart. I enjoy being in company and being in solitude, equally... a kinda soul suffering in silence..

So, this is like a brief reverie of mine. I know, readers, u must've been rovering round to get some raunchy n spicy description. But, sorry to disappoint you all.... I've had never been in a relationship yet. Oh, crickey.. Whenever it happens, ay will be the passionate and true one. Well, on & off, I have come across a lot of interesting and romantic encounters... Nay! Not that so much wild and spicy. But, yeah! Of course engaging, captivating and exciting ones.....which for sure, I won't jot them down here.