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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Winter  woes are on constant rise. Temperature is taking low dips. Met department has moreover confirmed the inception of a never before winter, this time.
No longer did I post a grievance blog, quoting absence of cold & a longing for the upturn of real appalling winters, that the Winter-God showered extreme temperature variations. Oh my God! This cold is taking a curl out of me. I have gotten a high fever & sore throat. Oou! That will be frequent now, given this unbreatheable cold foggy air & shivering surroundings. Well, to keep these ailments at bay & cut short the sufferings, many or most of us are resourceful & well-equipped with rich comforts, so that we could guard ourselves against seasonal n other situational adversaries. But, plz! Don’t let go urselves off wad these mundane pleasures or richness. Wait, for a moment...! Rove ur eyes round u... N u will sight a lot of unlucky fellows.,the ones dejected by luck. Money, material n happiness r forever banned to them. Lady luck never shines upon whom, n these r da poor & destitute. Da homeless who couldn’t find themselves any shelter,to place. U can spot
these creatures everywhere, in every nook of any of da filthy street. Branded as poor, nicknamed as beggars and famously called as slum dogs, whom u cud locate on da footpaths, they can also be filmed in da canal side, under the flyovers n moreover,in the most dowdy sites,one wud not even wish to see.

Don’t u feel pinch of pain in ur heart, on seeing them? Don’t u feel da urge to outpour ur sympathies on their degrading conditions? Don’t u feel like cursing God, for this disparity of prosperity? If u get even a slightest of an ouch or oh tinkling! It's time to take step then...
I am not writing dis blog, merely to state their pitiable situation. It's not composed in order to produce an array of woes 4 poor n just getting off wid it. No!
It's an arousing call for u all. Wake up ur spirits... Evoke ur humanity aspect, engraved deep inside of u. Bring ur knack of generosity on the front.
Now, be an aide with me...
If u have gotten old rugged clothes, tattered sweaters, dowdy lowers, worn out blankets or covers and the like, then make a good n comprehensive assortment of all such stuffs.
But plz watch out ur collection. It shudn't store any such piece, that wud serve no good to them ,to shun away the chill.
OR! If u r overly sympathetic and cud dare to donate some good or non-dowdy clothing too, then plz I beseech u go ahead n perform the generous rites.
Notification:- while u do these good works, don’t get discouraged,by reflecting on what others will or are thinking about u. Don’t expect avidity in return or any unexpected gifts or blessings from heaven. Keep on giving giving n giving without expecting any thing.

SINGLE or ENGAGED.....!!!!!1

"Oh no, I am not engaged! God! I am single?", I spoke with a little indignation and a little suppressing smile on my face. "Hey girl, don’t ya think us gullible!", pat came the reply from one of my friends.

This is an excerpt of the conversation that took place a few days before in my office cafe among my colleagues cum friends. Well, this is not the first instance when I am claiming blatantly of my single or non-coupled status. This happens in every gathering (formal or informal) or whenever I hang out with my friends. I don’t know, why do people think of me as a secretive of relation?!!
Why do they perceive me of being in relation with some influential or distinct man???

Do I look like a sucked up girl (u know, what I mean) whom on seeing, even afar, could be claimed to have owned an over-sexual or deadly passionate boyfriend??
Do I have gotten a seductive sex-appeal, of which people guess that my appeal and its usage is existent?? Also, I am not lucky enough to own enviable pout of lips like one of Angelina Jolie or our BolLywood Sasha gal, which might make one's mind wonder wild guesses.

I am just a personality with plain-featured face, which can't even raise the eyebrows of any passer-by or make their heads turn around to have a second glimpse.

Then, why would people call me a relationship-liar? No! I can't even imagine lying about love.
If I am in love with someone, I'll dwell in it, wear it on my sleeve, carry it off on my attitude and blatantly admit it.

BUT    AM  I   NOT     A LIAR???
Currently albeit not engaged in relationship, not even seeing anyone, I feel like conveying to my lover, which is unseen and unknown to me..

"I can feel u in my heart..I can count u on my every heartbeat! I don’t know who u are...haven't seen ur face yet, even though not in dreams either! But, I feel u everywhere,,,around me...!! I could sense u being with me..."

It’s not my perception. It’s not my day dreaming. Neither it’s the outcome of people-persisted-insistence, nor is it like building castles in air.  It lies in my intuition, deep within the spirit.

I feel connected with him. Many times, I get an ache, an ouch feel in my heart and my intellect intimates me, whoever be him, might be struggling some sort o' adversity or might be going through a pain.

I don’t know what it is and what does it mean? But.., Yes! In the depth of mind as well as deep down the caves of my heart I feel myself engaged and possessed by him.. Eh, someone whom I've nivr seen, known or talked to.

But, mundane reality or in the eyes o' the people, 'I AM SINGLE'...n will be, until n unless I meet that unknown, though felt, sole personality.

Till then, claiming of being single...!