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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I always wonder why do I repeatedly end up in reeling down my relations and friendships with women, regardless of the time and emotions consumed to build it up?? Whereas with men, it goes on and on flourishing over time and turning into profound and impeccable bonds.

In order to cite the reason, I traveled down the memory lanes to the times of my childhood, when I was a tad. Surprisingly, there I found myself getting caught and crushed in clamorous collisions among my girl friends. In my school days too, I would get sulked by break ups in friendships with my female colleagues. On the contrary, get cherished with bubbles of laughter by hearing to the jokes cracked to cheer me up, by my male colleagues. Howsoever, on returning home covering all these nitty routines, thanks to God, there would be my mom, who would always relieve me by asking to parry all these annoyances and continue living this life zestfully.

Thus finding no reasons in my past, for this incessant collisions and incompatibility with my female friends, I thought to look out for answers. I discussed it with some strangers (both males and females) and found that this perplexing issue is known to almost everyone. Further, on enlarging my research scope, what I ruled out was- that this bewildering equation governs the society and the world. Here, in this blog, I profile the information, as the result of envisage:-

Though the fact is in that human has become more toxic and complex as compared to earlier times. Similarly, the truth that in this bustling world, finding a person ready to lend his or her ear to somebody's problems or for just a short chat is impossible, is not hard to believe. Nobody has gotten a second to halt and look back at someone's doleful state. But, what comes out to be a truly revealing shock is that- Is male-male bond stronger and lasting or a female-female bond an everlasting one? Well, I vote for the former! And have a lot of considerable facts and reasons for proving my stance.

Though a stern believer of female power, I am equally attracted to masculine affluence. But, I wonder at why a female always poses as an opponent to another female, who might be aware or might not be, of the rustling competition simmering between them. Why there is a minimized comfort level among women? Every time, why does a girl get an arousal of style consciousness, on coming across the same gender? While traveling in a metro in women reserved coach, I view the girls, even the middle age ladies rovering their eyes on others from top to bottom and vice versa. My head goes crooked to find out the reason what does it mean to them, does it give them a feel of superiority in class or a queer sense of aristocracy!! So, to avert such irk feel, I prefer to travel in non-reserved coaches, where u are at least free from style equalizing and class matching gazes. It’s not the talk of outer world only; even you will find it in your friends' circle. In female
group, jealousy and envy start simmering at just a wink, while in the men’s world, it occurs only when another man steps into the guarded arena of a man's love interest or when his ego might be hurt.

Where the world is celebrating the uproar of women empowerment, there is certainly a fraction of women who been trodden upon in every sphere of life. Well, this blog does not outline them. I'll certainly compose one entirely dedicated to them, their worsening situation and devise proper and pertinent methods to uplift them.

Moreover, working under a female superior in corporate doesn't seem to be an easy task. Certainly, I've come across many superiors, who have had though already gotten an edge over me, didn't even spare to down trod me and exploit my mental peace & state of balance. But, yeh! Since from, for now and forever I have overcome all the hurdles, to the extent of rendering my weakness into areas of non-interest, which earlier gave these people chance to encroach and have an upper hand in every thing. Even, men find it hard to stand up to such alpha women as their beliefs, ways of living, attitudes, egos, tolerance levels and mannerisms are miles apart what an ideal woman or a female should be!!!

Whatsoever, for a woman, it is always difficult to strike a strong bond and a balance in relation with another woman. Nonetheless, as they say, rare are always there in every case and situation. There are relations, friendships, bonds of trust and dependence, which exist amongst women.

It gives me happiness and a sense of prided feminism, whenever I see girls cuddling up and laughing together. I would really appreciate the rare cases in this phenomena and revere the ones who stand against all the odds and tides of rough moments and live up to a fulfilling & healthy relationship.

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