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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"Oh, My God! Again! No....!! I forgot my purse!!" I muttered sighly, on going through a rigorous search in my hand-bag, when a poor woman laid open her palm and begged before me. The absent item was my money bag. I usually keep a leather pouch, in which I store nearly 30-35 one rupee coins. C'mon, you'll not call me a prodigal! Am I??

When anyone would beg before me. I would dip my hand in my bag, flaunt my leather, b'fully embroidered pouch and take out one coin and donate it. I would feel very proud as I thought that I am really a very generous person and a great donor. But with no coins, I averted her, though with difficulty, as she was holding a child in her lap.

Identical to 'Vampire-Cult' overseas, but with little difference… More than any Indian of other cities, Delhiites! know this term better.. In Delhi, you look for one, and within a blink of time, you would get surrounded by hundreds of beggars. Beggar is the term used to describe the underprivileged destitute. India, mostly its capital city Delhi is full of such unlucky people.

Despite the implementation of numerous strategies to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, corruption and many more evils, the country seems to be in its tight hold. Although, our brilliant minded politicians and government dignitaries have been devising reformative ways and establishing shelter houses for poor, dejected and destitute. Despite all these, poverty is keen on taking strong hold of a large proportion of Indian population.

Uff!! Let’s cut short on the country's aggravating problems. "We are not in the list of developed countries! Sadly, we are among the developing ones.. STILL..!"

Although, Obama might have avowed golden appraisals, equalizing Indian to American status, but who knows better than us, where do we stand!!??!!
Humph! It’s my blog. So, let’s talk about me now...

...And then one day, prudence dawned upon me. I delved deeply within myself and thought, if there could be formed some innovative donating methods, which could impart some profit to poor, at the same time satiate my generous trait.

Result of the contemplation:

I decided to stop giving out one rupee coins, as it seems more a mockery of the poverty, than mere generosity. Next day, when I came across the same woman, I spent ten rupees and bought her a full plate of chole-kulche, which satisfied her hunger along with her child's.
Since the dawning day, I started devising trendy policies, as I was that our dammed government’s niver gonna check on it.
Here is the rundown of my catalog:

1.Rather than dripping 1 or 2 rupees coins, you can spend a weening 10 or 20 rupees and get them something to eat. It will relish their hungry stomachs.
2. You can store some fruits in your bags and give them at the time of any beggar's call. (..Like I did, by giving 3 amroods to a sweeper boy on road)
3.Collect your ragged pieces of clothing, make a bunch and distribute among the ones who are in dire need of it.
... And the like.

You can also, depending upon your compassionate nature, outline certain ways of serving the dejected ones. Make it sure; your donations must be devoid of selfishness or expectation of any return flavor by God.
If it is inclusive of these traits, then you are not the perfect donor....not perfect human either...!!