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Monday, November 22, 2010



 Indian Met Department flashed the news of upcoming unbearable winters in Delhi. Says- Temperature's gonna take a huge dip.. This will be a dangerous gigantic frozen session..!

Damn! Where's the chilling, shivering, freezing and thick fogging of Indian renowned winters?? Would we get the chance of cozying up under the blankets...warming up while criss-crossed before simmering fire...sunbathing without fearing of UV rays...the beating humming of our whitened teeth??? Where's the fog?!?! Not even in wheens., let alone dense!!, that had been estimated, dense- of bare visibility, off the records??
God! I am anxiously waiting for the temperature, not to play jokes & seriously take a huge dip and not come up for a very long time. I am longing to wear my newly bought leather jackets, denims and what more..furs! Though I am currently single, but I miss and search to see the couples cuddling up to usher in warmth. My dad off lately bought a fur double-bed blanket...n winter is still pending..! Sooo poor!
Okay! Let's stop anticipations and longings. Mince the reverie wings here.. Let's speculate the serious issue at hands now.

The environment is the culprit for this pending arrival of winters. Oh, wait! Don't go heavy on it! There's something else. Not the environment, curse the environmental pollution instead. So, if briefly stated, it's us who polluted and gifted toxins to the God's created thing. Now in turn, God is making winters play hide n seek with us. That's rightly a Tit-for-Tat. November is gonna end.., and still mega symptoms of winters are withering. Human and the technnology, at which we puff up, are defaulters for this.

Moreover, a recent US research center reported a 2'C rise in global average temperature by 2012, that would eventually give way to Global warning ..n that further unleashes a series of adversities namely floods, droughts, sea level rise, melting glaciers etc. But No worry! No hurry! We and our various technological innovations are ready to welcome these wailing melodramas with open hands. Not only are the air and ground creatures on stake, even marine life is constantly been deteriorating. We have heard enough of acid rains, poor quality of air, loss of tropical rain forests. But now in coming times, in the like manner, poor quantity of fog, extinction of our dear winter usw will replace the recent upmost ticklish issues or rather add up to list.

Oops! It seems the blog is becoming prolix science issue! Okay, cut it short here-|

What are we to worry? Why we be tension boxes? Oh! It might bring crinkles and could pave way to aging signs over our lovely faces! Beware from taking stress over environment.
Aye! Our lovely n cool environmental ministers, engineers, scientists and intellectuals are working their asses off. Oh, God! Keep them energy so that they could burn their midnight lamps and butts, simultaneously... Aah! For the same reason, i made my friend Lin Liu,our dear upcoming environmental engineer, a hermit. Eh! He has gotten himself abstained from facebook, till his exams. Hmm! A wise move.


So, guys if u gotta environmental dignitaries as your friends, colleagues, neighbours, lovers, suitors or even enemies, take care of them... They are our future saviours. And last, but surely not the least! Pray to winter-God to appear and spruce up the planet.